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We all have goals, ranging from possessing things to impacting people. For the most people, purpose of life is to achieve goals. Whether they are worth the effort or not, goals can be one of the most influential elements that shape our life.

The self-improvement gurus and toxic motivational content producers are aware of this. They are consistently generating content that regardless of your situation, you should think about your goals all the time. Whenever you feel down or burnt out, just think about your goals. Can the secret to achieving everything you want be this obvious?

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Of course not…

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There are numerous benefits to writing. It is pretty much a trend topic right now,with everyone talking about “how they make thousands of dollars by writing”. But for most people, like you and me, writing will not earn us a single dollar.

And that’s okay. Because the major benefit of writing is not income. It is much more meaningful than that. Writing is meditation for your thoughts..

You may be wondering, “what the hell this guy is talking about?” but bear with me for a second. Think about the process of “thinking”. …

Brainstorming is a fancy word for group discussions, which is coined by its founder Alex Osborn. Based on the assumption that “unity is strength”, Osborn wondered why we shouldn’t unite in order to produce ideas or solve problems. Although it makes perfect sense, does the proverb “unity is strength” apply to generating ideas?

In short, the answer is: No. Then, you may wonder why we insist on conducting “brainstorming sessions”. That is an another topic, but let’s see why the traditional brainstorming sucks.

Psychology says so

Growth hacking is a term which is uttered a lot in start-up world. For the context of this post, we can simply define “growth hacking” as a cost-effective & leveraged way of marketing. Funnels are widely used by growth hackers in order to map out the user life cycle for the product.

Although details might change, the most common funnel more or less goes like this:

  1. A person becomes aware of your product
  2. Then he/she takes action for your product such as visiting your website
  3. Then he/she comes back later
  4. Then he/she talks about your product
  5. Last but not least…

Deniz Göçer

student @ bogazici / growth

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